Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It starts from your toes. Moving slowly up your legs, through your hips, and then your stomach. It lingers in your stomach for a bit and finally moves to your heart.

The feeling that everything will... eventually be alright.

We are ALL living beautiful days. Days that will never occur again for as longs as time is constant and true. There will never again be another day called June 30th, 2004. It may seem as if my words are meandering around the cliche of "living for the day"... lying down on your bed and doing absolutely nothing isn't that bad, sometimes we may even need those times. I guess I'm trying to invoke a little bit of guilt, by saying that this day will never come again... and that so much can be accomplished in a day, that lives can be changed in a day.

Something as simple as a day... something we take for granted... can and will... change us forever.

once again... meandering digression.

Friday, June 11, 2004

The next time you're outside and if it happens to be a beautiful day such as the one we're living today, close your eyes for one moment and remove yourself from the beauty that surrounds you.

You will see the light from the sun dancing before you...

You're seeing wonderful colours that you've never dreamed seeing through closed eyes.

Shades of light red and blue, some yellow and maybe even some green.

Now open your eyes and observe the world around you.

If even what we see is so beautiful with our eyes closed... how unimaginably beautiful is the world we perceive outside of ourselves?

One does not realize the potential of beauty that exists in life, until it has been taken away...