Thursday, May 26, 2005

"... there is no 'i' in team america."

let's face the reality we have constructed for ourselves within our own cultural entity we being north american citizens (canada, being just one large "state" as my friends to the boony south would say) are entitled to rights and privileges that only seem to benefit us in the long run

upon birth can we not help but be introduced to a society that only knows production and consumption and have incorporated such processes in the very re-production of our own selves

the harsh constructed reality of our own lives presents subjective facts that suggest that we are only as good as the economic value we attach to our descriptions the television commerical for a certain financial organization gives the notion that those that are in control of the large part of finances define the individuals of this high income economy with economically stigmatic words thus inferring that upon transfering our monetary worth to that particular institution the stigmas would automatically disappear

my father and mother have always instilled in me that economic wealth is not the most important thing in my immigrant life i only need to defeat a system that is counterconducive to my definition of happiness and attain that very same definition represented in my own life so in other words i need to be a slick mofo that live with contradictions in my life and find some coping strategy that will bring me the economic stability i apparently need while living in my team american existence

the only thing i hold to be true and of worth in my mind are the teachings of an individual that has been with me for a very long time this person apparently suggests that the hardest thing for any individual to do is to deny oneself and follow a course of life that will bring no rewards that have been socially constructed but to look for things that cannot be defined or understood therefore everyone has the choice of believing in this path that one cannot see only feel and infer basically this person is saying to have faith in the power that each and every individual holds the power to choose and the power to follow

deny oneself and follow be re-produced not into something that can be defined by conventional linguisitic modes but by something that is like a wind never seen but always felt

follow the wind not by sight but by what you feel in the very depths of your forgotten soul