Thursday, June 23, 2005

Life is beautiful... because everything that bears any significance in life is all but hidden in what, at first, appears to be the insignificant.

Upon some protracted introspection, I find myself feeling very very old... and finally beginning to understand, let alone relate, to what my parents have been telling me all along. With life... and everything that is entrenched within it, without God... there is no other way. No matter how hard we try, all our successes and failures will be for nothing... and even with God in it, without the love that he brings into our hearts... and without the use of this love in whatever we are doing... irrelevance is born.

All my life, First Corinthians 13 has been something I've held dear to my heart. Yes... it's talking about love... but upon reading it over and over again, one finally comes to realize that it's not really talking about love as we know it or even feel it. It is something much deeper and mysterious.

So... I give you my interpretation of Corithians 13:

Even though I have the most eloquent set of words graced by any being in existence, without your love in my heart... those words have no bearing in any dimension.

Even though I am awarded all the PhDs in the land with all the social recognition that comes with it. Even though I am the greatest scholar or businessman of my time and have solved all the mysteries and problems of the past, present and future. Even if I make the scientific discovery of a lifetime, or engage in work that will mend the wounds of humankind... afflicted by disease, war, pain and suffering. Without your love in my heart... and without my love in those things... they mean nothing.

I can give all that I have to the bums on the streets till I myself am butt naked and blue in the face... Even if I endure the greatest persecution for my beliefs or my work till I am burn on a stake or shot in the head... even in these noblest deeds... without your love in my heart... without my opened heart that is receptive to your love... and without this love saturating the very essence of these deeds... they mean nothing.

Love is like a diamond... it is yesterday, it is today, and it is tomorrow in all things from people, to situations, to promises, to successes, and to failures. Love does things out of kindness... not out of some hidden subconscious benefit... not even for the sake of going to heaven or recieving some monetary like reward in heaven. Love doesn't get green. Love is a pretty quiet person and even in the silent moments, doesn't reflect on itself very much.

Love pulls out chairs and holds doors. Once again, love doesn't reflect too much on itself. Love doesn't get red. Love is one forgetful dude.

Love doesn't like evil... some may question what consitutes "evil", but love is above questioning that... and simply knows the difference between "evil" and the other. Love in itself is an expression of the truth; therefore, love seeks to see this expression come to fruition.

Love looks out for those above, below, in front, behind, and beside it. Love doesn't get suspicious... Love believes in hope, because to hope is to truly live. When one lives in love... they know what is meant to be... and what is meant to be will happen; therefore in short, love never gives up, never gives in.

Everything in this world is finite... there is no infinite. All the money, Armani suits, the 1956 Porsch 356A Cabrio Speedster Black, university degrees, high paying jobs, nicely furnished high rise condos in Yaletown, 1.5 kids, parents, teachers, even memories... everything we think we are building to last us a lifetime... everything we are working towards... one day... will be no more. Take your hand and blow on it... like dust leaving your palm... gone.

We all like to think we know... but in reality, we're really guessing most of the time. And love in itself is like the two sides of a coin... black and white... we all like to think that there are levels to it... but in reality... in the inner depths of our heart... it's perfect or not-perfect... there is or is not love. There is no "I think" in love... there isn't even an "I know"... it simpy is.

It's like when we were children... we had all these hopes and dreams... wishing and hoping... I'm not saying love is this way... what I am saying is that as we grow older... we may describe ourselves as becoming more "mature" but in reality, maybe we are growing into an existence that is unnatural to our true selves. If love is encompassed in the characteristics of what a child sees in this world... maybe we have lost ourselves... as the reflection on that mirror grows older as the days go by... and there is only a poor reflection of what was full. Therefore, when you allow love to creep in and when you introduce this love to everything else in your being... you will no longer be clueless to your true existence... but you will know fully and he will know you.

They question of which character was the greatest to be possessed by a man: they are faith, hope and love. But the one that eludes us to this day... and maybe till the last breath we take is... love.