Sunday, August 21, 2005

With all that goes on around us. With all the things that we attribute as the "background music" of our lives. The "business" of life can be an intriguing thing.

We tend to compartmentalize and organize certain aspects within our lives in tiny set pieces. Each piece represents a certain response we make and the combination of these pieces create a mosaic that sees fruition through our response.

Therein comes the lovely and somewhat beautiful masks we construct for ourselves. Each serves a different purpose entirely... ranging from the "family" mask, the "church" mask, and the lovely "gonna get wasted" mask. Our "multifaceted" personality encompasses all these masks and yet we still search for something that truly represents our own true being... taking into consideration whether or not such a thing in fact exists at all.

What does it really mean to be "real" anyway? Wouldn't being real be defined as something as simple as just presenting one mask on a consistent basis? Are we really brave enough to let go of something that has served as our consistent defense mechanism to this often confusing world which none of us really understand in the first place?

Hence, we attribute a sense of business professionalism to every aspect of our being entrenched in the "nails down the chalkboard" experience that is life. In work and even in play... we never really seem to lose them. I guess social norms and expectations are somewhat to blame... our constant conformation to jump through enough hoops to take our fair slice of the meritocratic pie that lies on the ever so proverbial "window sill" of success.

... so what can one really do?