Friday, December 31, 2004

In many different and wonderful ways, from everything that embraces us, to everything that rebukes us... work together to bring us back to where we truly belong.

We all live with a single, undisputed destiny, and our lives are filled with moments in which we are allowed to realize this certain destiny. These... defining moments are what we are meant to live for.

In a life filled with failures on many different levels, we must experience and never question the value inherent in the process of failure... yet at the same time, avoid it like it's the plague.

Those that live in comfort can afford the luxury of not thinking about anything in this world that contains even a grain of truth that is worthy of internal discourse. We as a society are content in simply perpetuating our own desires and wills in order to be, what is defined as happiness.

Many individuals can attest to not being the happiest individual in the world because happiness isn't something that can be bought. It is not even up us to try and attain it. Happiness chooses it's own patrons.. it is what happiness looks for that is lost to most people.

All things have purpose... there has to be a reason. If there were no such reasons in life, then the institution of hope would be suffocated of validity.

A lifetime seems like a short time because we as human beings do not have te capacity to store all the details about any particular time into our memory. We are limited to only experiencing simple moments with single underlining monochromatic set of emotions.

Moments in memory that hold no real substance, yet a the same time, mean more to us than anything in this world. Think about it... at the end of life what do we have other than what we remember? What will we cling to when it is all said and done? Is experiencing anything worth its while if we do nothing or remember nothing? Let me put it another way. What is the point of living if we do not act on the past experiences we cherish in our memories? What is the point of living if what we desire in life is easily accessible goods and pleasures that simply indulge our present desires?

When we begin to cultivate ourselves in a manner in which we being to understand the worth of investing into soething that is unforeseeable, when we are able to put faith into something that can only be imagined and felt in the deepest recesses of our being... that is when we will truly understand what faith, hope, and love do in our lives.

Every truth in life should be able to describe itself in only a few sentences. Only the best of those can be described in a few words. It was writte that the search for truth will ultimately set us free. By freedom, I imagine being free from the bonds of injustice and futility in this world we live in. By seeking to end these aforementioned "problems", are we simply dousing the inferno with a bucket of water? I guess no one will really know... or pay any attention to whether this bucket of water can put out these fires.

Once again, it's just simply meandering digression

Friday, November 26, 2004

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."
- Anatole France
Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you'll die today.
One More Once.

Monday, August 16, 2004

the beauty of a thought lies in the fact that

it is a gift of human existence

the greater the simplicity of a thought

the greater truth it holds

Sunday, August 15, 2004

With eyes closed, you walk down a familiar path,

a path you walk down every single day.

The subdued sound of gravel crunching and grinding at the bottom of your feet, with the bitter smell of burnt oak and sweet poplar lingering in the air.

You suddenly stop and listen,

All is quiet around you.

There is not a sound.

You first hear her as she moves between the branches of trees,

embracing the leaves.

Then you see the trees sway to and fro, as she passes them by.

Finally she surrounds you.

All at once you are embraced by her and at her mercy.

She tempts you with the songs that she sings,

and the smells that she portrudes.

Among all things in this world, her song is the most beautiful.

The sounds, the smell, and the feeling of her embrace prepares you for the death of a dear old friend named Summer,

... and the lukewarm salutation of the Fall.

Sunday, August 8, 2004

Deny yourself... you are nothing.

Submit yourself to him... because your life is in his hands.

I've said that "the moment you give up, you fail." But now I realize I was wrong... it's more like the moment you give up... his work begins, because the hardest thing is letting go, and when you have let go and swallowed your pride... that's when the real fun begins.

When you become nothing... he becomes everything.

True happiness is not in the fulfillment of one's dreams, because dreams (as harsh as it may sound) may simply be reflections of one's own greed. True happiness is in seeing that you are doing what you were made for... you are doing something you were born to do. That being the glorification of him.

Do not forget the love that is ever present in your heart, because in the moment you forget the source from which your life was derived... you die.

Today I saw a newborn baby... one of the sunday school teachers from our church brought into this world a wonderful baby boy. As I gazed at this new life as it lay in it's mother's arm... I found a strange sense of humility coming upon me. I realized that there are so many beautiful things in this world that I have yet to experience; but, I knew that they would not even compare to the beauty of the love that had, has and will have for me. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Here I am... take me.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Somewhere in the deep, down and dirty process of life... is a system.

We've all been exposed to the idea of entropy while sitting through our requisite beginning high school science class (drooling from boredom and all).

Entropy [def] The tendency for all matter in the universe to "evolve" toward a state of innate uniformity.

When one observes the "welcoming" mess that can be called "my room", the first thought that probably potentiates in one's head would be, "How can any human being live in such a hole?" My response to such a comment would be, "there's a system kemosabi... a system."

All that I have done, accomplished and importantly, not accomplished in my life is a testament to the beautiful disorder that is my life. Simply put, "it ain't pretty, but it works"... so, "if it ain't broken, don't fix it."

Hahaha... Pathetic isn't it?

But how can one discourage happiness? I percieve happiness in the farce that plays out everyday in my life and the world around me. Even though there are a lot of things that need fixing (inside and out), like any good westcoast citizens, "I'll save that thought for pondering after a few cups of americano".

It seems as if I only write about "me" all the time on this thing. It's about sure time that detach from my self-centeredness and write about other people for a change. Reply back on how you guys are doing and what's currently tickling your fancy or not.

Anyhoozie, I'm going to eat my fill of dinner now. No third servings this time... the toliet's been hating me alot these days... I can understand it's feelings all too well.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

If not for beauty... what do we have in this world to admire and adore.

If not for passion... what can quench the burning hearts of the young that seek to "become the change they wish to see on the earth their feet are firmly planted upon.

If not for faith... can we see beyond our own shortcomings and strive for the purpose of our existence.

If not for hope... what will wipe the tears from our eyes and fill them with determination.

If not for love... for what reason do we have in continuing this farce we call life?

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It starts from your toes. Moving slowly up your legs, through your hips, and then your stomach. It lingers in your stomach for a bit and finally moves to your heart.

The feeling that everything will... eventually be alright.

We are ALL living beautiful days. Days that will never occur again for as longs as time is constant and true. There will never again be another day called June 30th, 2004. It may seem as if my words are meandering around the cliche of "living for the day"... lying down on your bed and doing absolutely nothing isn't that bad, sometimes we may even need those times. I guess I'm trying to invoke a little bit of guilt, by saying that this day will never come again... and that so much can be accomplished in a day, that lives can be changed in a day.

Something as simple as a day... something we take for granted... can and will... change us forever.

once again... meandering digression.

Friday, June 11, 2004

The next time you're outside and if it happens to be a beautiful day such as the one we're living today, close your eyes for one moment and remove yourself from the beauty that surrounds you.

You will see the light from the sun dancing before you...

You're seeing wonderful colours that you've never dreamed seeing through closed eyes.

Shades of light red and blue, some yellow and maybe even some green.

Now open your eyes and observe the world around you.

If even what we see is so beautiful with our eyes closed... how unimaginably beautiful is the world we perceive outside of ourselves?

One does not realize the potential of beauty that exists in life, until it has been taken away...

Friday, January 30, 2004

it is in every moment we spend thinking about what could have been...
what should have been.

it is in every waking moment...
that slight millisecond of time in which we realize how much we took life for granted... then forgot.

it is in every step, every breath, every thought, feeling, and emotion...

the passion that allows us to live...
the motivations that drives us to give, so much of ourselves.

Life is not about winning...
it is not about success...
it's about simply living life...
and giving what you can to something that needs.