Saturday, July 17, 2004

Somewhere in the deep, down and dirty process of life... is a system.

We've all been exposed to the idea of entropy while sitting through our requisite beginning high school science class (drooling from boredom and all).

Entropy [def] The tendency for all matter in the universe to "evolve" toward a state of innate uniformity.

When one observes the "welcoming" mess that can be called "my room", the first thought that probably potentiates in one's head would be, "How can any human being live in such a hole?" My response to such a comment would be, "there's a system kemosabi... a system."

All that I have done, accomplished and importantly, not accomplished in my life is a testament to the beautiful disorder that is my life. Simply put, "it ain't pretty, but it works"... so, "if it ain't broken, don't fix it."

Hahaha... Pathetic isn't it?

But how can one discourage happiness? I percieve happiness in the farce that plays out everyday in my life and the world around me. Even though there are a lot of things that need fixing (inside and out), like any good westcoast citizens, "I'll save that thought for pondering after a few cups of americano".

It seems as if I only write about "me" all the time on this thing. It's about sure time that detach from my self-centeredness and write about other people for a change. Reply back on how you guys are doing and what's currently tickling your fancy or not.

Anyhoozie, I'm going to eat my fill of dinner now. No third servings this time... the toliet's been hating me alot these days... I can understand it's feelings all too well.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

If not for beauty... what do we have in this world to admire and adore.

If not for passion... what can quench the burning hearts of the young that seek to "become the change they wish to see on the earth their feet are firmly planted upon.

If not for faith... can we see beyond our own shortcomings and strive for the purpose of our existence.

If not for hope... what will wipe the tears from our eyes and fill them with determination.

If not for love... for what reason do we have in continuing this farce we call life?