Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 8th 2009

Public Library

Life has a way of telling you things.

Often in subtle ways but very rarely with such audacity.

Palahniuk's Invisible Monsters had been collecting a fair amount of dust on my bookshelf. I had borrowed it among a dozen I intended to devour over the coming month.

Upon flipping the cover I came across this post-it that someone had conveniently placed inside. What was more surprising was the contents of the message on the post-it.

They say it takes a minute to meet someone.

An hour to appreciate them.

A day to love them.

But an entire life to forget them.

I don't know who you are.

Nor do I really want to know.

I do not know your pain.

I do not not know of your reasons why.

But what I do know is that you have spoken your truth.

You've helped me realize something I should have figured a long time ago.

Not just within the content of that message.

But something more inherent and transparent to all others but me.

Where are you?

The frailty of human interrelations and the sweetness of such finite moments lay as the standard exchange for the privilege of such fleeting emotions in return for a life of regret and unwanted circumstance.

To replay each minute, hour, and day in which we met, appreciated and loved. You say to me it takes an entire life to forget. But I say an entire life is much to short to even begin to comprehend the depths of such exchanges between two that are in love within a single framed moment in time.

We evolve within each other. Sooner than later... we become one.

But here we are.


... an entire life to forget them.

Thank you mysterious stranger~

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