Wednesday, January 17, 2007

h o m e

Your eyes are suddenly open to the road before you now.

You turn your head back to the way you have come,
only to encounter a fog of memories of actions,
in places,
with people,
you cannot recall.

When thinking of the ways you have travelled on this road,
of which the length you cannot foretell.
You have come to realize that you have kept walking,
never resting,
never ceasing.

"I have missed too much" you say out loud.

"You have wasted so much" your mind replies.

"But you're here aren't you?' your heart replies.

Your eyes peer beyond
the seemingly unending horizon before you,

The single,
narrow road
cutting into the heart of the setting sun.

Your ears hear the fullness of the silence that surrounds you,
You smell the brisk cold that is slowly pulling itself up in the air.

There... a life that seemed so full at a particular point in time,
that escapes your memory.

You are alone

But you keep walking


1 comment:

cammilo said...

Well. I hope you can read an anderstand my comment becouse maybe my english is not enough for expres what i want to tell you. Es hermoso que alguien use este medio para aportar mensajes tan lindos como el que encuentro en tu poema. Gracias y felicidades por eso.
God Bless you.